"Necessity is the mother of invention" to quote Richard Franck.

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with celiac/gluten allergy. In my travels I've tried gluten-free cookies and gluten-free desserts that were barely edible and most were horrible. I thought how hard could it be to make a great gluten free dessert. I researched everything about gluten free flours and gluten free ingredients, brushed up on the metric system and went to experiment. My first receipe would be something with a shortbread crust reminiscent of the cookies my mom baked for me and my three brothers growing up. It took many combinations of ingredients, many different recipes and LOTS of failed attempts. Determination is my best attribute, I never give up! Finally, the perfect gluten free shortbread cookie crust was baked. I decided to start with a lemon curd filling not too sweet and just the right tartness for my first gluten free dessert.


My family loved them. I decided to try them out on friends. When my friend Jane was having a get together I decided to bring my lemon squares. We never got to desserts but Jane decided to send a bag home with a sampling of what everyone brought. The next morning my inbox was full with emails asking "where did I buy the lemon squares they were amazing". I started getting request constantly to bring my gluten free lemon squares everywhere. My sons Nic and Luc started sharing them with their bandmates and friends and they became a requirement for every get together. Then my friend JohnnyG told me he was rationing them so he wouldn't be without any until I brought the next batch I knew that I had done it.